Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Meatless Monday & Catching Up

In the Vegan Air Frying Facebook group I’m in, someone posted about air frying matchstick carrots.  I tried it with grated carrots, and used it as a topper for Morningstar Farms Buffalo Chik burgers.  The carrots add a sweet flavor.


Other things I’ve tried recently include soy sauce eggs, marinating hard-boiled eggs in a water & soy sauce mixture.  I only used about 3 tablespoons of soy sauce to 2 cups of water, so the flavor was subtle.  I’ve seen a recipe based on Momofuku that calls for 3/4 cup of soy sauce.  To me if you are going to use that much you might as well just drizzle it on the egg.


I tried the egg on  ramen.  It was a nice change.


I also tried cauliflower rice.  Instead of using the regular blade in the food processor, I used the grater, which made the pieces more uniform.  It also kept me from going to far with pulverizing the florets.  Here is the “rice” on a bowl of bean chili.  It is “Rachael Ray” style with the rice on top, instead of the beans ladled over the rice.


My birthday was a few weeks ago, and I cooked up Beast Burgers in the grill pan.


Served on ciabatta.  I load up on buns when they are on the clearance rack at Walmart.  On the bun are homemade pickles and pickled jalapenos.  The fries are air-fried.  I always have ketchup because when I was a kid, I adored Olga Korbut and ketchup was her favorite American food.


Lastly I tried a different way of making granola, adding a batch of streusel to the oat mixture.  It’s a little sweet to eat as cereal but is good as a yogurt or ice cream topping.


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This Week…

This week for Meatless Monday we had just regular veggie burgers (Morningstar Farms).  I like them cooked in the air fryer because the outside gets crispy.  The little nuggets are battered mushrooms from Dollar Tree.  They are a little greasy but not bad for $1 a box.


I got a creme brulee torch for Christmas.  I tried it out on yogurt, like I’d seen on “Brunch at Bobby’s,”  Fun way to fancy up breakfast.


I also got “How to Bake Everything” and tried the hash brown crust quiche last night.  Grated potatoes are mixed with oil, salt & pepper, pressed into a pie pan and pre-baked.


Then  you add regular quiche filling.  I did green chiles, pepper jack cheese, onion and sauteed mushrooms.  The cookbook said to bake at 325F for 30-40 minutes but the quiche was not brown nor set.  I ended up turning the heat up to 375F, which worked better.  The potatoes didn’t really make a crust.  They sort of became part of the filling, like with a breakfast frittata.  No matter, since it was good.  The photo is a little blurry but I accidentally deleted the good pic.


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Meatless Monday – Homemade Veggie Masala Burgers

I tried making homemade vegetable masala burgers (copycat for Trader Joe’s) again.  The first time I thought there wasn’t enough seasoning.  I used this recipe, adding about half a teaspoon each of curry, cumin and some Penzey’s Berbere seasoning, in addition to what the recipe calls for.  I also substituted frozen mixed vegetables for the edamame and corn.  It turned out a lot better, or at least, more to my liking.  I baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes, flipping halfway.  That seems to be the method that works best for me, for veggie burgers.  I served them on Trader Joe’s naan with some sauteed peppers & onions, and mango chutney (chutney from the farmers market).


On the side we had some green beans (also from the farmers market).  They go in the pot with lots of colors.


After steaming, the pretty stripes disappeared.


I’m still trying to use up things I’ve had in the freezer forever.  I found this lone piece of naan.  I made a sort of cinnamon toast with it, based on a “recipe” a friend made.  I toasted it, lightly buttered, and sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, and kinako.  Kinako reminds me of family since we had it on New Year’s Day at the Oshogatsu Ryori parties years ago.  It’s a roasted soybean flour.  For New Year’s it’s sprinkled on mochi (rice  cake).


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Meatless Monday – Migas and Sugar Cream Pie

Tonight was one of those nights that I had no idea what I was having for dinner until I opened the refrigerator.  Originally I was going to make rice bowls again but I just didn’t feel like that.  I ended up making migas, from Robb Walsh’s Tex-Mex Cookbook.  It was supposed to be “migas especiales con hongos” but mine was “migas especiales con un hongo” (mushroom).  I was able to finish off some leftover refried beans too.


For dessert, we’re having Amish Sugar Cream Pie..  My friend sent me the recipe hoping I would try it and let her know how it turns out.  For blind baking the crust, I tried nesting one pie tin inside of the other.  All these years, I never thought o do it!  When I was looking for baking times in “Joy of Cooking,” it was one of the methods.


You’re supposed to use the same size pie plates but then the edge would get crushed.  I used one that fit just inside.  The hardest part was taking the inside pan out.


There are no eggs in the filling, just half & half, sugar, cornstarch, brown sugar, butter, and vanilla.  Cinnamon is sprinkled on top just before baking.  I only used 6 tablespoons of butter instead of the 8 called for.  The pie is rich and sweet.  It seems so siimple but I was surprised at how good it is.


There are no eggs in the pie, just

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Meatless Monday – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I’m hoping that inspiration is coming back to cook, instead of going to Burger King like I did last week.  Now I feel like I have to “detox.”  For breakfast, I had peanut butter granola with yogurt (some honey & peanut butter mixed in) and sliced banana.  Oh, and a few dark chocolate chips.


This morning I watched an episode of “Giada at Home” and got inspired to use pita bread like a tostada shell.  On this Feel Good Food episode, she also made a breakfast wrap using hummus.  That gave me the idea of combining the pita idea with the hummus, so for lunch, we had “tostadas” with pita bread, hummus, grated carrots, sunflower seeds, avocado and lettuce.


Then for dinner, I tried to clean out the refrigerator a little by using up some coconut milk, tofu and asparagus.  I made a red curry sauce with coconut milk and red curry paste, plus ginger, garlic, cilantro, lime juice and brown sugar.  For veggies, I had carrots, edamame, asparagus, onions, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms.  Everything was served over brown basmati rice.


Next I need to go through my closet and get rid of old clothes (in addition to going through the refrigerator and freezer)!!!!

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Waffles and Red Curry

Last night was one of those nights when nothing sounded good.  I was too lazy to make salad, didn’t want frozen food, wanted more than cereal, etc.  I ended up looking at a menu I picked up while visiting CA, for The Original Pancake House, for inspiration.  Anyway, we had breakfast for dinner, in the form of waffles with bacon, peanut butter, bananas, and maple syrup.


I didn’t want to run into the same dilemma tonight, so I chopped up some veggies in the afternoon (to make less work at dinner-time).  I made a simple red curry sauce with red curry paste and coconut milk.  I thought the coconut milk was weird, it was solid in the can, like cold butter would be, even though the date was good.  I diluted it with a little water.  I just wonder how good or bad it is, that it has so much fat.  Tasty, though.


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Meatless Monday – Meatless Meatballs!

Last night I came upon a recipe for Meatless Meatballs and decided to make that for dinner tonight.  It involves blending lentils, mushrooms, spices and oats in a food processor, then cooking the mixture in a pan along with onions and garlic.  I didn’t have enough mushrooms so I added green pepper, plus I skipped parsley (because I don’t like it).  The mixture seemed kind of dry and I ended up adding an egg as binder.  Here’s a picture of the mixture, with some granola I made this morning.


The granola is from a Food Network recipe, from “Southern At Heart.”  It has coconut oil and lots of nuts.  I like that there is only 1/4 cup of oil in the whole recipe, yet it is crunchy.

Back to the meatballs…I scooped them out with a cookie scoop, and ended up with 23.  (The recipe says it yields 15.)  Someone couldn’t wait until everything else was ready so a few were snatched from the cookie sheet.  They look like meatballs made with meat.


I wanted to taste them on their own, without a lot of sauce, since it is the first time making the recipe.  We also had mashed potatoes with feta cheese, and crudites (with some leftover salad dressing from Thanksgiving).  The meatballs weren’t bad, I’m sure they would have been better with the correct amount of mushroom.  I might try meatball sandwiches with some of the leftovers.


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Meatless Monday – Eggplant with Gnocchi (plus catching up)

I bought eggplant at the Farmer’s Market this weekend, intending to make vegetable panini.  Then I thought pasta alla norma, and changed my mind again, remembering I have sweet potato gnocchi in the freezer.  I ended up making my own concoction, sauteeing cubed eggplant with onion, garlic, chard, adding fire-roasted tomatoes (I had half a can in the fridge), chopped garlic olives, and oregano.  We had kale and tomato salad on the side, with spiced nuts (garam masala, ginger and cayenne).  I mixed the eggplant with the gnocchi, it’s just separate for the photo.  I’ll make panini with some of the leftovers.


A few days ago I made homemade vegetable masala burgers, using a Trader Joe’s copycat recipe.  I served them on a flatbread, with avocado and tomato.  They weren’t as spicy as the real thing but still good.  I liked how the patty held together.  It made 6, so I froze the rest.


This morning I made a batch of granola from Jeanne Lemlin’s cookbook, “Simple Vegetarian Pleasures.”  The recipe is for cranberry almond granola, I substituted pecans and cashews, and didn’t mix in the cranberries.  I added way more goodies than the recipe calls for, so it’s not too clumpy.


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Meatless Monday – Grilled Artichoke Subs

I’ve kept busy in the kitchen.  Last night, we had baked falafel (which I’ve made before), and panko breaded asparagus.  I thought the asparagus looked pretty but it was too bready for my taste.  It might be one of those recipes good for getting kids to eat their veggies.  My husband liked it, though, he inhaled his.


For breakfast, I tried an overnight refrigerator oatmeal.  Fill a jar with oatmeal, milk, yogurt, sweetener, applesauce, and chia seeds (I didn’t add them), shake it up, pop it in the fridge, and breakfast will be ready in the morning.  It minded me of muesli.  I think it would be good for a take-to-work breakfast that can be kept in the refrigerator.  It doesn’t look that great in the photo, it’s better than it looks.


For lunch, we finished off the tempeh from last week, with a Palm Springs Wrap (aka tempeh salad wrap) from the Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook.  The recipe calls for jasmine rice (I used quinoa), tempeh salad, grated carrots, tomatoes, sprouts and a balsamic dressing.  You can tell I made the flat bread because it’s, shall we say, rustic-looking.  I think I’d like it better without the tempeh, just veggies.  There’s a Native Foods restaurant coming to Dallas.  I’m sure their wraps are better than mine, since they have fresh tempeh and seitan.  I’ve eaten at the Palm Springs and enjoyed it.


For dinner, we had grilled artichoke subs, from the Food Network’s “Sandwich King” show.  The sandwich has a ricotta/garlic/basil/lemon spread, with grilled jarred artichoke hearts, and lettuce.  I added roasted red pepper for color.  I like all of the ingredients on their own, but didn’t much care for the sandwich.  I kept thinking it would taste better on a pizza, vs. on a bun.  I’ll use the leftover ricotta spread on a pizza or in a calzone.  This was one of the few recipes that I printed out, and put out in the office paper recyle…not a keeper.  I only ate half my sandwich.


Oh, more asparagus too, this time just oven-roasted (350 F for 10-15 minutes).


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Crockpot Steel Cut Oats

One of the members of the food co-op I’m in, mentioned cooking steel cut oats in a crockpot.  She shared this recipe with me.  Of course I had to try it.  My crockpot runs on the hot side, so I went with the double boiler method, nesting a bowl inside the crockpot, with a waterbath.


Eight horus later, it looked like this.


I previously had cooked steel cut oats in the microwave, on the “grits” setting.  It takes about 7 minutes.  I don’t know if it is the milk in the crockpot recipe, but this version is so much creamier.  I refrigerated the rest for breakfast for the next few days.