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In the kitchen at Di's House

Meatless Monday – Mongolian Tofu

I tried one of the recipes from “The Vegan Air Fryer” cookbook I got a few weeks ago.  This was the first time I tried the method of cooking tofu in the air fryer, then simmering it in sauce for a few minutes.  I never did it before because I thought it would make it soggy.  On the other hand, sometimes foods turn out on the dry side and cooking it in sauce would “rehydrate” it.  I used the “Home Chef” method of roasting veggies in the oven (toaster oven here), while everything else cooks.  For the sauce I used leftover teriyaki sauce, with ingredients similar to the cookbook recipe.


I like how the tofu turned out chewy and not dry.  Definitely will try this technique with other recipes.  Also, the sauce got sticky while it was simmering, which I like.


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Meatless Monday – Veggie Burgers and Crinkle Fries

We had Aldi veggie burgers for dinner tonight.  These had cheese and “grill flavor.”


I had made jalapeno poppers the other day and they were too spicy to eat on their own.  I sliced one up and put it on the burger.   I finally remembered I had an avocado in the refrigerator so added that too.


On the side of the plate is the new crinkle cutter I got from Amazon.  I made the fries in the airfryer.  I tried a tip of microwaving the potato first.  I did 2 1/2 minutes, rinsed under cool water then sliced.  Cooked in the air fryer at 392F for 20 minutes.  They were done at 15 minutes (those on the plate are 15 minutes) but I like mine well-done and did the rest for 20 minutes.  Microwaving the potato first made them crispier but also gave them a homefries taste.  I think I like cooking from raw better.


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Meatless Monday – Mushroom Tortelloni and Grits Fries

Tonight I managed to finish off some tomatoes I had frozen, tortelloni from Aldi that I hadn’t gotten around to cooking, plus try cheese grits “fries” in the air fryer.  I made the grits in the instant pot.  Love that you don’t worry about boiling over.  I added cheese then spread them in a loaf pan, refrigerated overnight.  At dinner-time I sliced into fry-sized sticks, lightly coated with olive oil and cooked in the air fryer.  I saw a recipe that had mayo mixed with Old Bay seasoning as a sauce, so I mixed up a little bit of that too.  I liked that the “fries” were crispy on the outside and creamy inside.


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