Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Last Supper of 2016

For our last dinner this year we had vegan veggie burgers from Aldi and air fryer fries.  The veggie patties didn’t really taste like much.  On the other hand they didn’t have an overpowering flavor either (like Morningstar Farms sometimes has).  Homemade pickles and candied jalapenos too.  We had cheese so it’s vegetarian not vegan.  Happy New Year, everyone.


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This Week…

This week for Meatless Monday we had just regular veggie burgers (Morningstar Farms).  I like them cooked in the air fryer because the outside gets crispy.  The little nuggets are battered mushrooms from Dollar Tree.  They are a little greasy but not bad for $1 a box.


I got a creme brulee torch for Christmas.  I tried it out on yogurt, like I’d seen on “Brunch at Bobby’s,”  Fun way to fancy up breakfast.


I also got “How to Bake Everything” and tried the hash brown crust quiche last night.  Grated potatoes are mixed with oil, salt & pepper, pressed into a pie pan and pre-baked.


Then  you add regular quiche filling.  I did green chiles, pepper jack cheese, onion and sauteed mushrooms.  The cookbook said to bake at 325F for 30-40 minutes but the quiche was not brown nor set.  I ended up turning the heat up to 375F, which worked better.  The potatoes didn’t really make a crust.  They sort of became part of the filling, like with a breakfast frittata.  No matter, since it was good.  The photo is a little blurry but I accidentally deleted the good pic.


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New Gadget

For awhile I’ve been eyeing an Instant Pot but talked myself out of it.  That is, until Black Friday and Amazon had them on sale for $68 (nearly $60 off!).  The mail lady said she had already delivered 7 of them in my area!


I’ve been trying out the different features.  I made a 7-can soup (mine was 5 can), browning the ground beef and onions with the “saute” feature, then cooking everything on the “slow cooker” setting.


I topped the soup with some air fried sweet potato wedges.  The slow cooker feature did not cook as hot as my regular crockpot, but I like that you can saute then go on with the reset of the recipe without having to use an extra skillet.

Leftovers I served on an Instant Pot steamed sweet potato.  The sweet potato was a little too mushy for my taste, I like baked better, but it was fast.  On the side is air fried carrot fries and brussels sprouts.


I think it was a past Meatless Monday that we had cauliflower/walnut/mushroom tacos.  Cauliflower, mushrooms and walnuts are chhopped iin a food processor, then mixed with soy sauce & spices, and baked.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, going by loooks.


The recipe is vegan but my version was not since I added cheese.  By itself, the filling was just OK.  BUT, with the tortillas and other toppings, it was really good.  Definitely will make again.


With some of the leftover filling I made air fried taquitos for lunch the following day.


The most recent thing I’ve tried in the Instant Pot is poached eggs. I tried 5 minutes and the yolk was in between hard cooked and soft.  It would be good that way on an English muffin sandwich.  Next time I’ll try 4 minutes.


It may seem that I love to cook, and I do, but there are some days where I just want to heat a frozen dinner.  Between the Instant Pot and the air fryer, I’m more motivated to actually cook something, even if it is french fries.  Potatoes are my favorite-est thing in the air fryer.

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