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In the kitchen at Di's House

Meatless Monday – Veggie Burgers

I went to the new Aldi’s in town yesterday.  Most of the other grocery stores here are either Walmart or Brookshire’s, so it is a big deal to have another contender.  I bought two kinds of veggie burgers there, “regular” and black bean.


We had them with carrot and potato fries.  I like black bean burgers but I had eaten so many morningstar Farms ones years ago that I’m tired of their seasonings.  These were different.  I don’t know if the black beans were mashed, but the color is not as dark.  They were OK.


Tonight we had chile rellenos.  My neighbor has tons of poblanos in her vegetable garden.  I blistered them in the air fryer.  The batter was egg, a little flour, milk, baking powder and soda.  I beat the egg white separately then folded it in to make the batter fluffier.  I didn’t deep fry them, just sauteed them in a buttered non-stick skillet.  The sauce was (still) pumpkin pasta sauce with some salsa mixed in.  More carrots on the side, this time raw, with hummus.



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Pumpkin Week

Last week I made a pumpkin pasta sauce, that had pumpkin puree, tomato sauce, and coconut milk.  (I used regular milk because I didn’t want to open a can just for 1/4 cup, since I halved the recipe.)  Also, I wasn’t sure if I would like pumpkin mixed with tomato sauce, and started with only half the amount of tomato sauce.  I served it on ravioli.  It doesn’t look appetizing in the photo but it was good.


The next night I used the sauce for pizza.  I added brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and chicken sausage for the toppings.  On the side is air-fried breaded cauliflower.  Florets are dredged in a mixture of flour and water, then rolled in breadcrumbs & parmesan cheese, then cooked for 20 minutes at 392F.  Crunchy & yummy.


Then last night we had a ziti casserole with ziti, the pumpkin pasta sauce, ricotta cheese and mushrooms.  I think the whole amount of tomato sauce would have been better for this dish.  As they say on the food shows, it needed more acid.


For Meatless Monday tonight, we’ll probably have more pizza with veggie toppings.

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