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In the kitchen at Di's House

New Toy – Air Fryer

on July 29, 2016

My air fryer came this week!  I am looking forward to using it for veggies and potatoes.

imageThe first thing I cooked in it was frozen chimichangas.  They were crispy but a little dry.  I think it is just a learning curve as far as time and temperature.

Lasr night we had the Glazed Portobella Mushroom Bowl from “Vegan Bowl Attack.”  I substituted a few items: Baby portobellos instead of big ones, walnuts for pine nuts, and diced tomatoes instead of cherry.  I liked the idea of pasta instead of rice in a bowl.


Tonight I tried tofu, mushrooms and vidalia onions.  The onions were a little overdone but not burned.  I topped it with peanut sauce.  Overall it was good.  I like being able to throw the ingredients in the fry basket and then “ding” it’s ready.



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