Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House


on June 2, 2016

I spent last weekend in Richardson, visiting with cousins.  One was there for a women’s hockey tournament, which meant dining out with hungry hockey players.  We tried some new places, like Rudy’s BBQ.  I probably ate more meat there for one meal than I do for a week.  It was good, though, especially the pepper beef tenderloin.  I had a veggie sandwich (portobello mushroom and eggplant) at Shady’s Burgers.  That was OK, sort of bland.  New to me but not to the team was Yoshi’s Shabu Shabu.  Each diner gets their own hot pot with kombu boiling around in it, and the water is seasoned to taste with various condiments like garlic, green onion and sesame oil.  I tried the scallops.


Towards the end of the meal, everything that’s left gets thrown into the pot, including udon noodles, to make a tasty soup.  I thought the scallops tasted fishy when cooked.  I’m not a fan of sushi but I actually liked them better raw.

An old standby place we go to is Kirin Court, for dim sum.  We don’t have anything like it where I live, so it was a real treat.  My favorite dish is the taro puffs.  It used to be the sesame balls (jian dui).  This time they had a smoky flavor I didn’t care for.


On the way home I stocked up on bread from Whole Foods.  I got a cranberry walnut bread, seedalicious bread (with different seeds in it), and a fancy boule.  I love the texture of their bread.  It’s a little pricey (some were $4.99 a loaf) but definitely worth it.  I cut the loaves in half and froze them.


I always stop at Trader Joe’s too.  I have not been doing a good job at using up what I have in my pantry, and tried to hold back a little.  I focused more on refrigerated and frozen foods, and things I haven’t tried.  Some of the things I picked up were some tempeh, TJ’s sriracha sauce, thai-inspired veggie burgers, and a mango salsa.  I wish we had a TJ’s here.



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