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Meatless Monday – Crunchy Tofu Rolls

Tonight we had crispy tofu from a Vegan Richa recipe, wrapped in a sushi roll.  I made the spicy chili sauce too and drizzled it on top.


This was my first time using brown rice for sushi.  You might remember I bought a 15 pound bag recently.  I wouldn’t say the sushi tasted gourmet but it was what I’d been craving.  I liked that the tofu was crunchy.  I was going to roast some sweet potato but it was getting late and I didn’t want to spend extra time on it.  I might try it with some of the leftovers later this week.


This weekend I made “sushi burritos” with some Korean beef I had leftover.  I didn’t have enough for the two of us to serve on a rice bowl, but it was enough for the “sushirrito.”  I added carrot ribbons, snap peas, kale, and avocado.


It felt gluttonous eating it as one big roll.  It would have been too messy to slice, though.  The nori held up well, better than a tortilla would have.

Tonight Percy got into Meatless Monday by trying tofu for the first time.



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Kale Tacos

We had kale tacos tonight for Meatless Monday.  Not really a recipe, I just sautéed chopped kale, onion and mushrooms, with some Southwest spice.  For more protein, hubby’s had some Beyond Meat crumbles.  I forgot to add avocado for the photo but remembered it when I put mine together!

I thought it made for a light dinner.  Loved the sharpness the cheese added.  I found recipes online that included black beans but I liked them this way better.



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Meatless Monday -Carrot Fried Rice

I’ve been cooking, taking pictures, but haven’t been posting lately.  Tonight we had carrot fried rice, a Vegan Richa recipe.  I had cashews with mine, as the recipe calls for, and added chicken to my husband’s.  The cashews added a subtle, sweet flavor that blended well.  There’s also ketchup in it but I didn’t taste it at all.


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