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In the kitchen at Di's House

Meatless Monday ala Trader Joe’s

This morning I saw a recipe for Spicy Tofu Peas Stuffed Naan Calzones.  I’m always ambitious in the morning so had planned to make it for dinner.  As usual, when I looked closer at the recipe, I just didn’t feel like tackling it today.  Instead I cleaned out some of my freezer and we had Trader Joe’s vegetable masala burgers on whole wheat naan, with some TJ’s kale and a dressing made with TJ’s mango chutney.


I also used the dressing (cottage cheese and mango chutney) as a dip for the carrots.  It’s mixed in a food processor so the cottage cheese loses its regular consistency.  Loved the flavors.

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Vegetarian Valentine’s Day

I’ve been craving kale lately so cooked up a pot of copycat Panera Lentil Quinoa Kale soup.  This is a different recipe than what I’d used previously.  This one calls for pureeing the vegetables and sauteeing the mixture.  I love how it turned out.  It tastes like a vegetable soup but the puree makes the soup less watery.  To go with the holiday, I made “toad in the hole” with a heart instead of a circle.


For dessert I made a shortcut creme brulee using pudding mix, that I saw on”The Kitchen” this weekend.  It had whipping cream along with milk, to make it more decadent.  One of the hosts (Jeff Mauro) showed a trick to brulee the sugar, using a heated metal measuring cup pressed against the surface of the pudding, to melt the sugar.  Mine sizzled like on TV but didn’t get crackly.  I also had to rinse off the bottom of the measuring cup before doing the second pudding because I was afraid the sugar stuck on would burn when I heated up the cup again.  I think broiling is a better method.  I didn’t like the pudding either as a creme brulee substitute, since it had a pudding and not custard texture.


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Baked Avocado Tacos

I’ve been curious about fried avocado but I hate frying.  I found this recipe for a baked version with panko.  It’s the basic flour, egg, panko dredge.  Here are the avocado slices after baking.  There’s a piece of cod in the pan too, remnants from a Sam’s Club box.


The picture of the tacos is a little blurry.  For whatever reason, recently everything always happens at once.  Tonight, the timer went off, the phone rang, UPS was honking in the driveway, among other things, all at the same time!!!

avocado taacos

I made tacos with refried black beans, the avocado, plus cheese, lettuce and taco sauce.  The avocado was kind of bland so was overpowered by the other ingredients.  Overall I liked it, though.  It would be fun to try as a crispy sushi roll.

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Catching Up

I’ve been doing Meatless Monday but haven’t kept up with posting about it.  Last week I made a lentil quinoa chili and we’ve been having leftovers all week with it, including last night.  I made a sort of sloppy joe with a hot dog bun.


For lunch today we had “California bagels.”  I had received an email from Einstein Brothers Bagels this morning for a free bagel with schmear.  After reading the fine print, it was free with purchase of another item.  Because of that I had bagels on the brain.  Ours was toasted bagel with cream cheese, mashed avocado, sunflower seeds and the last of the winter homegrown tomatoes.


For a snack later I made a spicy pretzel and nut mix from David Lebovitz’s “A Sweet Life in Paris,” which I finished reading this week.  The recipe on his website has cayenne instead of chili powder or paprika, and no cocoa powder, which are in the book recipe.  I did half a teaspoon of each.  For nuts I used half a cup each of cashews, walnuts, pecans and walnuts.  It’ll be interesting to see if we can taste the cocoa powder in it.


Speaking of chocolate, I saw that Starbucks has a new drink out from now through Valentine’s Day called the Molten Chocolate Latte.  It has chocolate chips melted into espresso, steamed mocha-infused milk, and some kind of chocolate whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle.  The whole thing (for 16 ounce size) has 450 calories and 44 grams of sugar.  I’m going to attempt a scaled down version at home.  There’s also a frappuccino version as well as a hot chocolate.


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