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In the kitchen at Di's House

Meatless Monday – Pizza

We’ve been having pizza lately.  I made a big batch of dough, put it in the refrigerator, and take out as much as I need.  For Meatless Monday we had mushroom, onion, garlic, olive and Quorn crumbles (faux ground beef) pizza.  I like making small pizzas so we eat them fresh out of the oven and not reheated.


Earlier in the week we had roasted kale and asparagus pizza.  The first time I made it, the kale got too charred, so the next pizza I added the kale about halfway through.  I really liked it but the picky eater picked off the kale, since it didn’t really “stick” to the cheese.

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Wonton Ravioli


I know I haven’t posted as much but I’m still cooking.  Some days it’s just hard to find any inspiration to cook, especially when it feels like a chore.  I had some leftover wonton wrappers and jarred Trader Joe’s vodka pasta sauce, which turned into wonton ravioli.  For the filling, I roughly followed a recipe in Joy of Cooking, using ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, seasoning and egg.  Homemade had tons more flavor than refrigerated ravioli.  I’ll  have to try making my own pasta next.

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St. Patrick’s Day

We had cabbage and carrots for St. Patrick’s Day, in egg roll form.  I added some mashed tofu for protein.


I’ve baked egg rolls before and thought I’d try baking them in a convection oven, in hopes of “air frying” them.  I was hopeful when I saw blisters forming on the wrappers.  They ended  up being better than regular baked but not as good as fried.  Kind of like how a baked burrito is not the same as a chimichanga.  I liked that it was no mess, though.


We also had Irish soda bread.  The recipe I found had baking soda in it but no baking powder.It was better this morning, split and toasted.  Aren’t the skillets cute?  I got them for Christmas.  I originally wanted them to make individual skillet cookies  brownies, to serve a la mode.


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