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Meatless Monday – Chile Relleno Quiche

on February 9, 2015

I have a surplus of eggs so we had quiche for dinner.  I found a recipe for Chile Relleno Quiche which sounded good, so I started there.  I changed it a little by lining the pie plate with tortilla pieces (quarters around the sides, a single one in the center), and added chopped green onion, olives and pickled jalapenos.  It took a bit longer for it to bake, more like 70 minutes in my oven vs. the 40-50 minutes in the recipe.  I was happily surprised that everything fit perfectly in a 10″ pie plate (as the recipe specifies).


I’m glad I “lined” the pan with tortillas because it made it easier to take slices out.  You can see some of the tortilla bits poking up around the edge.  The quiche is VERY cheesy, I guess because it’s supposed to be chile relleno.  I even put less cheese than the recipe calls for.  Next time I’ll add fresh green chiles instead of canned.  Canned weren’t bad, it’s just that fresh has more flavor.  Oh, I also added some Southwest seasoning to the egg mixture.  Que sabroso!


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