Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Taco Sushi

For fun, I looked up “taco sushi” online and actually found a recipe!  I wanted rice but wasn’t sure what else to go along with it, so gave it a try.  I liked it because I didn’t feel like a big burrito and I wanted something more than just rice.  Basically it’s just a tortilla spread with rice, with some taco meat, beans & salsa in the middle, then rolled up and cut like sushi. 


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A Day or Two Late

I’m late posting for Meatless Monday.  We had butternut squash risotto.  I had roasted half a butternut squash (diced, tossed with olive oil, baked at 400F for about 40 minutes), and stirred some of it into risotto.  I guess it’s actually “almost” Meatless Monday because I used chicken Better Than Bouillon, though.  (I tried it once with the vegetable version and didn’t much care for it.)  I stirred in a little butter and parmesan cheese just before serving.  It may look simple but it was really tasty.


Today was National Burger Day.  Since we have leftover roasted squash, though, we had penne with sauteed onions, mushrooms, Italian sausage and butternut squash.  The onions and squash were from my sister-in-law’s vegetable garden.  The sausage was from the local farmers market, and the mushrooms and penne from the regular grocery store.  I didn’t really make any sauce since some of the squash “melted” while stirring everything together with a ladleful of pasta water.  I didn’t really follow a recipe, just used what I had on hand.  I have all these cookbooks and magazines yet I tend to cook by what’s in the refrigerator or some recipe I find on the internet.


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Meatless Monday – Curried Squash Tacos

Most of the veggies from tonight’s dinner are from my sister-in-law’s vegetable garden. She has an abundance of butternut squash and bell peppers. Looking through the “Moosewood Restaurant Favorites” cookbook, I found a recipe for Curried Squash Roti. I saw an adaptation online to serve the filling in tacos. The cookbook recipe calls for boiling the diced squash but I like the other version of roasting it in the oven (so it doesn’t get mushy). I served it with avocado, cheese, cilantro, and mango chutney. The chutney really made it. I roasted half the squash and have enough left to make a butternut squash risotto later in the week.

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Meatless Monday – Bruschetta Pasta

We have an abundance of home-grown tomatoes here.  Not wanting them to go to waste, I decided to have bruschetta for dinner.  My sister had made it when I visited and it always reminds me of her.  As I was preparing the tomatoes for balsamic bruschetta, I changed my mind and decided to mix them with pasta instead, since there was so much juice.


I boiled up some linguine, mixed it with the tomato mixture, and voila, dinner was ready.


I made cheese and pesto toast with  the ciabatta roll originally destined for bruschetta,


Earlier in the day, my afternoon pick-me-up snack was affogato, which literally means “drowned” in Italian.  It’s gelato (or ice cream), drowned with espresso.  Even though mine had caffeine, I managed to fall asleep for a short nap after drinking it.  It’s one of my favorite desserts that I forget about because it’s so simple.


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Meatless Monday & Misc.

Dinner was kale, hummus, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, avocado and onion, on toasted naan.  Kind of a rehash of last week’s kale, hummus & avocado wrap.  Actually I liked it better than the wrap, the way it is more like a sandwich.  We also had fresh edamame from the farmers market.  So much better than frozen!!!


Sunday we had roasted chickpea and cauliflower tacos.  It was the last cool day we’re going to have for awhile, and thus the last day to comfortably have the oven on.  Chickpeas and cauliflower are tossed with oil, chile, and cumin, then roasted in the oven.  I should have made the whole recipe instead of half because everything shrunk up quite a bit.


The roasted goodies are served as taco filling, with a cilantro lime “crema” (greek yogurt).  I like how the chickpeas make the filling more substantial than just veggies.


August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.  Cookie & Peeets coffee for me, sweet potato dog treat for Percy.


Lastly, over the weekend I tried the Thai grilled peanut butter sandwich that I’d seen on TV.  It has peanut butter, orange marmalade, curry powder, Thai basil, and Sriracha sauce.  It’s an interesting combination but when it’s all grilled and melted together, somehow it works.


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