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Meatless Monday – Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

on June 30, 2014

This week at the farmers market, I got 5 pounds of tomatoes (the farm was having a bulk sale).  I’m saving some for sandwiches and salads.  I had thought about canning some, then freezing some whole, and decided instead to make oven-roasted tomatoes.  I’d never made them before but I found a simple recipe online.


Tomatoes are halved, put cut side down in an olive oil coated pan with garlic (and herbs, but I skipped that), and baked low and slow.  I saw a similar recipe in “The Heartland Table” using plum tomatoes, with skin side down.  I threw a few in the pan that way too.


After a short time, the cut side down ones exuded juice so everything was simmering away in tomato juice and olive oil.  (By the way, I cut mine lengthwise and cut out the stem, as opposed to the way the recipe called for).


The tomatoes didn’t look like much, they really cooked down.  When I tasted one, wow!  It was tart and sweet and the flavors had intensified.  Out of all the tomatoes I cooked, I only got tonight’s dinner plus a small bag to freeze.    I didn’t cook all of them since I’d never prepared them this way before but I’m definitely going to make more.


I rough chopped the plum tomatoes and added pasta and a little bit of basil.  I mixed it all in the baking pan to sop up all the pan drippings.  This was so much better than a regular marinara!  I also made foccacia.  I guess I needed to use a bigger pan!  Hopefully the leftovers will make good sandwiches.


Poor Percy didn’t keep last night’s dinner or this morning’s breakfast down, so he went meatless tonight and got oatmeal with peanut butter and yogurt for dinner.He doesn’t act sick otherwise, so I’m hoping it was just something he ate in the woods.  I also cleaned out all of his bowls, in case something was growing there.  Even though I am mostly meatless these days, it’s my personal thinking that animals shouldn’t adhere to that way of life.  He’s only meatless tonight or at least until his tummy problems calm down.  He loved the oatmeal, licked the bowl clean.  He must be feeling better because he thought it was just an appetizer and kept waiting for the main course to be served.



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