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Meatless Monday – Collard-wrapped Grits Tamales

on June 9, 2014

I guess I’m officially a Texan now because I have grits in my pantry but no polenta.  Back in California, I had polenta but no grits.  I picked up some nice-looking collards at the farmers market this weekend, with Mollie Katzen’s recipe for chard- or collard-wrapped polenta chile tamales (from her recent cookbook, “The Heart of the Plate”)..  I substituted grits for polenta, and pepper mix for the chiles.


The recipe calls for pan-frying the “tamales” after they are assembled.  (You can see I overstuffed the ones in the back!)  That kind of took some of the bright green out of them, though.


I had some filling leftover, which I served alongside the tamales.  We also had salad with mixed mustard greens and radishes, that I also picked up at the farmers market.  The other veggies were from the regular grocery store.  The tamales have a nice combination of flavors.  I think I’ll try them “inside out” next, using regular masa for tamales, and stuffing them with sauteed collards.


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