Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Meatless Monday – Red Lentil Tostadas

I had bought some red lentils at Walmart last week.  They look so vibrant!  I found a recipe for red lentil tacos that I modified just a little.  The recipe calls for soaking the lentils.  I didn’t do that.  I also simmered them with some Penzey’s Southwest Seasoning, a little sauteed onion and garlic,  and used only 1/2 cup of salsa, instead of stirring those in after the lentils had cooked.  I was surprised at how much the color disappeared after cooking.


Instead of tacos, we had tostadas.  I baked some corn tortillas at 350F until crisp, just over 7 minutes.  (Watch carefully towards the end!  Mine took about 8 minutes.)  I spread a thin layer of canned refried beans on the tortillas, to help everything “stick.”  Then I added the lentils and some cheese, and put them back in the oven for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese.


Then it was topped with chopped lettuce, avocado, cilantro and onions.  I’ll definitely add red lentils to my staples.  They look more like split peas and cooked up a little mushier than brown lentils.  They have more of a neutral flavor too.


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Bibimbap (sort of)

I was watching something on the Food Network and they featured bibimbap, a Korean rice bowl that has an egg on top.  I looked up some recipes online, and most of them involved marinating the protein for at least 8 hours, plus I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand.  I ended up improvising with oven-roasted vegetables, baking everything at 400 F for about 15 minutes.


I poached two eggs for 4 minutes instead of the usual 5, since the hot rice would cook them a little bit.


Serve everything over rice, and voila, bibimbap.  I’m sure it would be better with the appropriate sauce, but this variation wasn’t bad at all.  I  had some leftover coconut red curry sauce, which I mixed in with the cooked vegetables.


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Meatless Monday – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I’m hoping that inspiration is coming back to cook, instead of going to Burger King like I did last week.  Now I feel like I have to “detox.”  For breakfast, I had peanut butter granola with yogurt (some honey & peanut butter mixed in) and sliced banana.  Oh, and a few dark chocolate chips.


This morning I watched an episode of “Giada at Home” and got inspired to use pita bread like a tostada shell.  On this Feel Good Food episode, she also made a breakfast wrap using hummus.  That gave me the idea of combining the pita idea with the hummus, so for lunch, we had “tostadas” with pita bread, hummus, grated carrots, sunflower seeds, avocado and lettuce.


Then for dinner, I tried to clean out the refrigerator a little by using up some coconut milk, tofu and asparagus.  I made a red curry sauce with coconut milk and red curry paste, plus ginger, garlic, cilantro, lime juice and brown sugar.  For veggies, I had carrots, edamame, asparagus, onions, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms.  Everything was served over brown basmati rice.


Next I need to go through my closet and get rid of old clothes (in addition to going through the refrigerator and freezer)!!!!

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Crispy Baked Asparagus “Fries”

I want to think that I’ve made this before.  It’s a simple recipe, dredging asparagus in flour, egg then panko & parmesan, then baking it until it gets crispy.  Putting the spears on a rack helps make it crunchy.


The rest of dinner was leftover split pea soup and homemade bread.  Perfect for a dreary day.


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Meatless St. Patrick’s Day

Green sushi rolls for St. Patrick’s Day, along with spring rolls stuffed with green salad.  The sushi has edamame, sugar snap peas and avocado.


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When in a slump, it made it easier to just have the same thing (pizza!) for dinner the last four nights.

Night One was pizza with lentil meatballs, mushrooms, onions, and garlic.  It turned out overdone on top because I tried it in the Galloping Gourmet convection oven, thinking 500 degrees would be good for pizza.  The top got cooked before the crust was baked through.  It wasn’t burnt, though.


Night Two was the same, except baked in a regular oven.  The crust was the best, this way.


Night Three was onions, garlic and sundried tomatoes.  I added some queso quesadilla to the mozzarella.  Yum.


Night Four finished off the run with salsa verde for the sauce, queso quesadilla, mozzarella and pepper jack for the cheese, onions and diced Morningstar Farms black bean burger.  I topped it off with avocado and crema after it was done.  I tried cutting out a sort of “snowflake” with parchment paper, to set the crust on, hoping it would be crisper in the convection oven, but it didn’t help much.


I need to find a small piece of unglazed tile next time I go to Lowe’s, for a makeshift pizza stone.


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