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In the kitchen at Di's House

Waffles and Red Curry

on February 21, 2014

Last night was one of those nights when nothing sounded good.  I was too lazy to make salad, didn’t want frozen food, wanted more than cereal, etc.  I ended up looking at a menu I picked up while visiting CA, for The Original Pancake House, for inspiration.  Anyway, we had breakfast for dinner, in the form of waffles with bacon, peanut butter, bananas, and maple syrup.


I didn’t want to run into the same dilemma tonight, so I chopped up some veggies in the afternoon (to make less work at dinner-time).  I made a simple red curry sauce with red curry paste and coconut milk.  I thought the coconut milk was weird, it was solid in the can, like cold butter would be, even though the date was good.  I diluted it with a little water.  I just wonder how good or bad it is, that it has so much fat.  Tasty, though.



One response to “Waffles and Red Curry

  1. Coconut milk (and coconut fat in general) is a very healthy fat. So just enjoy it in its yummy solid state. 🙂

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