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In the kitchen at Di's House

Risotto with Swiss Chard

on January 29, 2014

People would be surprised to hear that I’ve been in a slump as far as deciding what to have for dinner, and cooking in general.  A lot of what I cook is a last-minute decision.  I also talk myself into not going the frozen dinner or chicken nugget route, and actually once I start chopping, my momentum gets going.

I wanted something plain for dinner, that used some of the CSA produce.  I started thinking about ingredients and rice popped into my head, which led to the idea of risotto, then I googled “swiss chard risotto” and came up with recipes.  I found this one for red chard risotto that sounded good.

The chard I have is multicolored.  We also got chickweed so I threw a handful of that in the pan as well.  (I sauteed the veggies separately so that they would be cooked through and not chewy.)


I had always thought risotto was complicated, but actually it’s quite simple.  I was able to chop the chard while waiting for the veggie stock to be absorbed.  The colors of the chard stems made it a colorful dish.  Tasty too.



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