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Linguine With Swiss Chard, Parmesan, and Bread Crumbs & Walnuts

on December 13, 2013

I’m still working on the produce from the last CSA box.  I wanted to make linguine with swiss chard and garlic, from Jeanne Lemlin’s “Simply Satisfying.”  Then I found some similar recipes online and combined them all.  First I sauteed some panko and chopped walnuts in oil, then set them aside.  Using the same pan, melt about 1/2 tablespoon each of butter and olive oil, add chopped garlic and chopped swiss chard stems (to give them a head start cooking).  Cook for about a minute then add chopped chard (I also added some kale) and cook until wilted, season with salt and pepper.  Add the linguine and pasta water if needed.  Serve with parmesan and the toasted bread crumb/walnut mixture.


For dessert, we’re having leftover brownies and turtle graham bars.  My friend calls the grahams “crack” because they are so addictive.  They are easy to make for holiday baking.  I changed a few things with the recipe.  First, I don’t add the pecans with the brown sugar and butter because the chunks make it hard to spread the syrup over the grahams.  Instead, I pour the syrup on, spread it out, then sprinkle on the pecans.  Also, I just scatter chocolate chips over the bars when they come out of the oven.  The residual heat melts the chocolate so it can be spread, in just a few minutes.  The recipe makes a lot.  I filled a Trader Joe’s low fat cat animal crackers tub with half the tray.



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