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In the kitchen at Di's House

Collard Green Temaki

on October 13, 2013

Today has been a trying day and chopping veggies is one of my “meditations.”  I used the veggie matchsticks to make temake, with collard greens as the wrapper.  (I briefly steamed the leaves to make them more pliable.)


Here is my pile of leaves, with the filling on the top one:  sushi rice, red pepper, carrot, tofu sesame seeds and avocado.  (Tofu because I’ve been trying to include more protein, plus I like it.)  I also made a roll with my musubi press and wrapped nori around it.  Some of the pieces got kind of squished when I sliced it.  It all tasted good, though!



2 responses to “Collard Green Temaki

  1. Carmen says:

    What a great idea using the collard greens!!! We had heirloom collards at the market last week and never thought about using them for my spring roll wrappers. Thanks!

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