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Masa Experiment

on August 31, 2013

I watched an episode of Rick Bayless’ PBS show, “Mexico on a Plate,” about corn the Oaxaca region.  He showed all kinds of quesadillas made from the masa, including one that was kind of a tamale.  The uncooked tortilla had a bean filling added to it, the edges folded in, then the little bundle was wrapped up on a corn husk like a tamale.  The part that appealed to me was that it was steamed for only 20 minutes.  I couldn’t find any recipes online so I had to wing it.


So here’s the tortilla with the filling.  I used the leftover lentil and rice enchilada filling from Monday, plus some fresh corn.  I don’t have a tortilla press.  I tried pressing the dough between two cutting boards but that didn’t get it flat enough, so I ended up using a rolling pin.)  I gently folded the edges over, kind of like folding a burrito or making an envelope, then wrapped it in a softened corn husk.


Into the steamer for 20 minutes, and voila….


Without the lard in the masa (as for a tamale), the dough stuck a little to the husk but not too badly.  Since I already had the leftover filling, it didn’t take long to prepare.  I loved that it wasn’t greasy (like the store-bought tamales here), and that I could make the filling vegetarian.


One response to “Masa Experiment

  1. Ani says:

    I love tamales! I went to a mexican restaurant that made vegetarian black bean and sweet potato ones that were divine!! These look great and so versatile.

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