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Sweet Potato Biscuits and Cream Peas

on August 17, 2013

Originally I was going to try cooking cream peas in a pressure cooker, I found a recipe that takes 4 minutes, but once I started gathering my ingredients together, I thought it would be such a small batch I’d just use a regular saucepan.  (Is that a run-on sentence or what?!)  I followed the standard Southern unwritten recipe of bacon, onion, garlic, water and peas, plus a little vegetable bouillon.


I had been on a cornbread kick, and thought about sweet potato biscuits today.  My favorite recipe is from Paula Deen, and it only requires half a stick of butter.  The recipe calls for mixing together the sweet potatoes, butter, and milk.  Since it doesn’t say cold or room temperature butter, I cut the butter in to the flour mixture first, then added the sweet potatoes and milk.  I baked the biscuits in a buttered pie tin, an “antique” from Marie Calenders, from the days when you would get your pie tin deposit back when you returned it.  I wish they still did that, instead of disposable aluminum pie tins.  I have some from Bakers Square and Fat Apples too.  I saved the rest of the dough to make apple dumplings with tomorrow.


I just love these biscuits!  They’re light and fluffy, and they’re great for Thanksgiving, since there are usually sweet potatoes around.


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