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Meatless Monday – Vegetable Curry and Naan

on August 5, 2013

Yesterday I made a “throw everything in the crockpot” dinner, using zucchini, red pepper, green pepper, carrots, onion, garlic, cream peas, sweet potato, purple potato, curry, vindaloo paste and coconut milk.  It tasted good but the veggies were a little soggy.  We had leftovers tonight.  I added some garam masala (despite all the spices, it was kind of bland – this helped) and chickpeas (to add more substance).


I love the naan from Trader Joe’s and wanted try making my own.  I like how theirs is puffy.  I used Mark Bittman’s recipe, using more flour so I could roll it out more easily.  I cooked it on a cast iron skillet after letting it rise for an hour.  It was difficult to take the naan dough off the floured surface, without deflating it.  I’m sure it would be better (puffier) if I let it rise on parchment paper then throw it into an oven.  Right now, though, we’re having heat advisories so I’ll have to wait until it cools down before I try that.  I made mine smaller so I could use them as “buns” or “bread” for sandwiches.


They still turned out chewy, which is a good thing.  I served the curry over basmati rice, with the naan to soak up some of the broth.



One response to “Meatless Monday – Vegetable Curry and Naan

  1. The naan looks SO GOOD! (So does the curry, but I’m drooling over the naan right now.) 🙂

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