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Meatless Monday – Tempeh Sushi Rolls

on July 24, 2013

I tried sushi rolls again, using less rice (as advised by my cousins who saw photos of my first attempt).  I marinated tempeh strips in soy sauce, water, garlic and ginger, then broiled them 5 minutes a side.  Here’s my mise en place.  I had cucumber, avocado, tempeh and sesame seeds.  The tomato was just there for a separate salad.  The fan is for cooling the sushi rice.  When we were kids, it was our job to fan the rice while Mom mixed the vinegar with the rice.  Doing so makes the rice glossy.  I have no recollection of how I have the fan in my possession.  I think they were so ubiquitous in Japanese-American households, everyone just had one.


I have the wrong size nori, it’s for hand rolls.  I didn’t want to open a new package since stuff like that doesn’t hold up well in humidity.  This time I tried less rice.  It worked better but still wasn’t pretty.  Note that there are no pictures of the finished rolls.


One of my cousins said that it’s easier to roll with the rice on the outside, so I tried that too.  It definitely worked better.  Obviously I need a lot more practice, lots of “bald” patches with no rice.


Percy tried his paw at it too.  “Irrashaimase!”


We made nigiri sushi and topped them with Kibbles ‘n Bits.  The dogs all ate it up!  Oishikatta desu!



One response to “Meatless Monday – Tempeh Sushi Rolls

  1. Eva Wong says:

    Especially love the doggy nigiri part! 😀

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