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In the kitchen at Di's House

Scoby Snacks

on July 17, 2013

I only make a new batch of kombucha every few weeks, and even so, I’m overrun with scoby’s  (Symbiotic Culture Of Yeast and Bacteria).  It has probiotics in it.  Today I cut some up and put them in the dehydrator.  They were too tough to use a cookie cutter, it looks like chicken and has the same sort of texture.


The thicker slices took maybe an hour and a half, while the thinner ones only an hour.  I didn’t have any control over the thickness, it just depended on whether there were layers.


Here’s my taste-tester, he was anxious to try them.  He likes them enough where he wanted another one!  Scoby Snacks are born!


This seems like a “hippie” kind of treat so we had to do dress-up.


Peace out!


One response to “Scoby Snacks

  1. Lisa Gale says:

    HAHA!!!!! He’s so cute!

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