Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Catching up

on July 3, 2013

I’m behind on sharing what’s been going on in my kitchen, so tonight I’m just going to post a few photos.


I got purple potatoes from a local farmer and made purple gnocchi.


The first batch, I boiled and then added to a butter & sage sauce.  I had added too much liquid to the purple dough and it kept wanting to fall apart, but everything tasted good.  So much better than what I’ve bought at the store.


Tonight I added it to sauteed brussels sprouts and added parmesan cheese.  It’s probably not a traditional way to serve it, just going by what I wanted to cook.  The brussels sprouts are from my sister-in-law’s vegetable garden.


Last night we had roasted potatoes, I mixed the purple and white.  It was fun to bring as a side dish to a family dinner.


I also brought homemade oatmeal bread.  The recipe is from Cooking Light magazine.  It has oats ground up in a food processor, soaked in hot water, plus buttermilk, regular flour, whole wheat pastry flour and honey.



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