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Kale and Onion Pizza

on June 19, 2013

I made pizza with the leftover kale pesto, and added additional sauteed kale, onions, and garlic.  Since I’ve never made it before, I made one pizza with kale pesto, sauteed kale mixture, feta, roasted red peppers, and spinach feta chicken sausage.  The other pizza had Sockarooni sauce (Newman’s Own – my favorite), sauteed kale mixture, mozzarella, and spinach feta chicken sausage.  I was hoping that if one was “bad” then maybe the other would be “not so bad.”

DSCN2811With just the sauces…

DSCN2812And with the toppings

Actually the kale and other toppings had enough flavor, where I couldn’t really tell the difference between the pesto and sauce versions.  I liked the one with feta the best, though.


A lot of what I end up cooking is dictated by what bits & pieces I have in the refrigerator.  Like tonight, I finished off a jar of roasted red peppers, discovered I had feta from something else I’d made awhile back, along with the Sockarooni sauce.  I’m almost done with the kale and collards from the Farmer’s Market nearly two weeks ago.  Oh, I also topped the pizza with fresh sliced tomato, from the market.  I learned that from my husband, to add the tomatoes after the pizza comes out of the oven, vs. baking the slices.  It tastes fresher.

I got the pans at Dollar Tree, they are just the right size for my toaster oven.  I use it a LOT in the summer, when it’s in the 90’s and 100’s.  Every time I make pizza, I am reminded how much I love it.  Can’t wait to get more veggies at the market this weekend.


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