Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Roasted Kohrabi

on June 4, 2013

I have kohrabi and broccoli from a local farmer this week.  I’ve never had kohrabi until now, actually, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it until now.  My friend gave me a recipe for roasted kohrabi, it’s peeled, cut into slices, then roasted with olive oil & garlic, and parmesan cheese.  I added some broccoli and brussels sprouts, since they have similar or complementary flavors.


The recipe calls for cutting the kohrabi into halved slices, but I cut it into “fry” shape so everything would cook more evenly.  I had bowties on my mind, since I crocheted one this week…


…which meant, farfalle to go with the veggies.  I liked how all the veggies had texture, instead of being mushy.  Anything with garlic and parmesan is good, too.


Even though it may seem like I cook a lot, I’m really bad at cooking a bunch of things at one time and having everything be ready at once.  While we were eating the pasta, I had focaccia baking.  I make the dough in the bread machine, let it rise, then put it into a pan.  I’m going to make sandwiches with the leftovers.



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