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Meatless Monday – Sourdough Date Rye Bread and Cacio e Pepe

on May 13, 2013

I was looking for the link to the bread recipe I made and I can’t find it!  If I remember where I got it from, I’ll post it in the comments.  Today I made a sourdough date rye bread.  The dates are in the form of a date paste.  Ten dates are soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes, then pureed.  The rest of the ingredients are white flour, rye flour, salt, and yeast.  I still have trouble getting the slashes on top of the bread, but I was surprised at how pretty it turned out.


I didn’t read the instructions last night, so I cheated and added yeast.  I’ll have to try it the other way (having the starter, flour and water sit overnight for 8 hours, to see if it makes much difference.  The loaf rose a lot but when I sliced it, there weren’t any big holes.


It has good flavor.  I might add some nuts next time too.

I was feeling lazy for dinner, I almost just had salad.  We had cacio e pepe (spaghetti with cheese and pepper), with some chopped asparagus and peas thrown in.  Sometimes simple is better than a recipe with lots of ingredients.



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