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Leftovers – Arancini and Armadillo Sweet Potatoes

on May 11, 2013

Today was the second week of our new farmers market.  Since I’d been last week as well as Thursday, I didn’t buy much.  That’s not to say I didn’t get some good goodies, though.


I picked up a dozen eggs for my bro-in-law, a breakfast burrito to share when I got home, herbal healing elixir (to help with the fire ant bites I got yesterday!), and a sage plant.  I tried sprouting sage from seed and the only one that has popped up looks like a quarter inch blade of grass. 

I made armadillo sweet potatoes for dinner.  They’re also called Hasselback potatoes, named after the hotel where they were first served.  There are savory versions, but I put butter, brown sugar and cinnamon in mine.  I baked it at 375 for 40 minutes. 


I also made baked arancini with the leftover risi e bisi.  I cut string cheese into small pieces, molded cold risotto around it, then breaded the rice balls with panko after rolling in flour and an egg wash.  The recipes I saw online ranged from 375 to 425, for 25 minutes.  I went with 375 but they didn’t get that browned.  I put a little pizza sauce on them.


I liked the arancini, the cheese added some saltiness to make it less bland.  The sweet potatoes, I think I like regular baked sweet potatoes better.  They don’t get as dried out as baking them sliced up.  It looks fancy, though, like for Thanksgiving.



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