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Meatless Monday – Asian Coleslaw and Soba Salad with Tempeh

on April 15, 2013

We are up to our ears in cabbage.  My sister-in-law has about 6 of them growing in her vegetable garden, in addition to one recently harvested.  The last one weighed 7 pounds, and I’ve been working on half of one for quite some time.  She picked another one this morning.  Here is Percy chomping away at the outer leaves.


My aunt that passed away recently was famous for her saimin salad.  I was thinking about her today, which was the inspiration for dinner.  I didn’t have saimin, but I had soba noodles.  I found a recipe for Asian coleslaw, and used the dressing from it, adjusted for 4 servings.

Here are all the ingredients ready to be put together.


For the tempeh, I just followed the prep recipe on the box, broiling it after marinating it in a soy sauce mixture.  Soba noodles are made from buckwheat, which is high in protein.  The jar has the dressing in it, easy to shake before adding to the salad.  Here’s the salad mixed together.


I sliced up some Fuji apple to go along with it, on the side.


Percy got some apple too.  No seeds, though, since I’ve heard they are bad for dogs.



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