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In the kitchen at Di's House

Food Club

on March 20, 2013


I had fun this afternoon being a sorter at my local food co-op.  A friend started it a few months ago and it has exploded into a huge venture.  The group does mass orders from various sources, and everyone picks up their goodies once a month.  This is what I got.  Lots of rolled oats, wheat germ, coconut, two kinds of tempeh, doggie cookie cutters, muffin liners and a reusable parchment paper (that I’d never seen before, it’s not rubbery like the silicon mats), organic broccoli, 10 pounds of Fuji apples ((they are so good), and natural inspect repellant (locally made).

This was my first time being outside for a long time.  I always forget when winter is over, to start wearing more sunscreen.  Pollen is ridiculous right now, and it figures, the guy across the street happened to be blowing while we were out.

Although it seems like a food desert here, some of these items can be found at grocery stores, but things like the tempeh are a lot cheaper, and the broccoli is “fresh off the truck” instead of sitting in the “rainforest” section at the grocery store.  We also have a local source for coffee.  I got some last month and am still working on it (it’s really good).  I like that I can order it freshly roasted, instead of hoarding pounds of it, like I had been doing.


One response to “Food Club

  1. Lisa Gale says:

    I get so excited about the food drops I barely know what to do the few days leading up to them. I was really worried people would say “Nah. I’ll just go to the grocery store” but the food is just so much better!! We had egg/onion/mushroom omelette’s and fresh strawberries for dinner. So good!!!! Thanks so much for sorting today. It was such a ton of work!!

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