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Meatless Monday – Tofu Tacos

on February 4, 2013

Recently there was an announcement in the press about the Chipotle restaurant chain doing a marketing test for shredded tofu.  Tonight we had our own experiment with shredded tofu tacos.  I improvised from two recipes, one from Whole Foods, the other from a Eating Whole blog.

First I froze a chunk of tofu, thawed it slightly (so it wouldn’t be like a block of ice), and shredded it with a grater.


I sauteed it with onions, garlic, and diced mushrooms, then added ground chile, cumin, S&P, chopped cilantro, and a sprinkle of this & that.

Tacos with just the filling

I added garnishes like cheese, avocado, lettuce and salsa.  The filling tasted like tofu but the other ingredients added enough flavor where you might not guess that if you didn’t know.  I would make it again but might use packaged taco seasoning or a different spice combination.  The chile powder was too one-dimensional.



One response to “Meatless Monday – Tofu Tacos

  1. lowrytwins says:

    Neat idea. I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between meat and tofu since there are so many flavors and textures happening all at once.

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