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Meatless Monday – Linguine with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms

on January 28, 2013

I don’t belong to a CSA but my sort of equivalent is shopping at Sam’s Club, when I buy a big container of mushrooms or bag of avocados, for just the two of us.  I also inherited some beautiful lemons from my sister-in-law.  This week, my mission is to cook recipes that use mushrooms, lemon, cilantro and avocado.

Tonight’s dinner was linguine with lemon, garlic and thyme mushrooms, from a Nigella Lawson recipe.  I made a few changes, like using thick spaghetti, using more mushrooms and sauteing them a little.  I read online suggestions of letting the mushrooms marinate, so after the mushrooms were sauteed, I put them into the lemon juice and olive oil mixture.  I also threw in a few raw sliced mushrooms to see what difference it would make (raw vs. cooked).

Mushrooms marinating while pasta is cooking.

The rest is simple, mix the pasta with the mushroom mixture, add grated parmesan cheese and parsley.  I don’t like parsley, and used some chopped arugula instead.  How can you go wrong with mushrooms, garlic, pasta and cheese!  I liked the cooked mushroom flavor, I think it would have been blander with all raw.  The lemon and thyme added a nice acidity.  (I hate it when the chefs say “it needs more acid” on the cheffy shows, it sounds snobby!)  We had salad and focaccia along with the pasta for a tasty Meatless Monday dinner.


The recipe says to mix everything in a bowl but I used the pan since it was already dirty from cooking the mushrooms.


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