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Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

on January 27, 2013

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day!  I had the ingredients on hand, to make a Chocolate Cherry cake.  I’ve had it before but never made it myself.  (Recipe note:  the link does not list an amount of butter.  Most recipes I’ve seen call for 5 tablespoons.)  The only special ingredients needed are cake mix, canned cherry pie filling, and chocolate chips.  The rest of the ingredients are probably things most people have in their pantry.

chocolatecakeCake Ready to go into the oven

I made half the recipe, saving half the cake mix for another time and putting the half can of pie filling in the freezer.

chocolatecherrycakeHere’s the finished cake, look how much puffier it is.

I have been such a scatterbrain lately, I didn’t pay attention to the recipe and put all the frosting ingredients in the pan at the same time.  I think it turned out OK, except that the sugar didn’t dissolve.  This is definitely a good potluck occasion type cake, fancier than what it would be just plain, and the frosting is easy to make.

I’m trying to use up leftovers from the week.  My friend Ronni suggested I cut up leftover grits and fry them in a pan with butter.  I don’t think I used enough butter, but they were still good.  You know how leftover mashed potatoes aren’t as good as the first day…the leftover grits were just as good as Day One.



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