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Baked Bao and Clean-Out-The Refrigerator Goulash

on January 24, 2013

I froze some of the ham I baked earlier this week, and today finished off most of it as a filling for baked bao.  Instead of char siu, I used diced ham and onions.


In the past, I’ve also used leftover stirfry as well as BBQ pork for the filling.  I like that I can freeze the bao for a quick lunch.  Here they are split, to show the inside.


I’m thinking I can make it into a breakfast bao by stuffing in a scrambled egg.  I miss Bay Area dim sum!  I think if anyone opened a dim sum restaurant in Tyler, they would have an instant hit.

For the rest of dinner, I made an impromptu clean-out-the-refrigerator goulash, using a quarter of a cabbage, a third of an onion, a handful of frozen chopped green pepper, a few spoonfuls of fire-roasted diced tomato, and a generous spoonful of lentils & refried beans.  Sometimes I get lazy about making salad, and I like sauteed veggies instead.  This sort of fit the bill, plus used up a bunch of produce in the refrigerator.



One response to “Baked Bao and Clean-Out-The Refrigerator Goulash

  1. Ooooh I wish we had dim sum here!!

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