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In the kitchen at Di's House

Happy New Year

on January 1, 2013

I thought it would be a good thing to start the year off with baking a pie.  Looking through cookbooks, I ended up making sweet potato meringue pie.  I was able to use up some sweet potatoes, half and half, and 3 egg whites.  The recipe is from “Gourmet Today,” that last cookbook from Gourmet magazine before it disappeared.

I had intended to make meringue cookies but didn’t, because it was raining the other day.  Today wasn’t raining but was dreary.

The pie was pretty when it came out of the oven.  Of course, the meringue I had just dolloped on looked better than the part where I tried to spread it in whirls.

Hot from the oven

Changes I made to the recipe:

  1. Substitute brown sugar for granulated sugar
  2. Use a basic meringue recipe from “Joy of Cooking,” adding a tbsp. of cornstarch to the sugar
  3. Spreading the meringue on the hot pie instead of a cooled pie
  4. Didn’t blind bake the crust

After a few hours, the meringue got weepy and deflated.  I think the deflating has to do with humidity.  The weeping, I really don’t care about since it doesn’t affect the taste.  I thought the cornstarch would help a little but I guess it didn’t.  I’ve seen recipes where you cook a slurry of cornstarch, water and sugar, before beating it in with the egg whites.  I’ve tried doing that but had problems of getting clumps of the cornstarch mixture in the meringue that wouldn’t beat out.

Weepy, deflated meringue

When I sliced it, it was still warm, and really good.  I like nutmeg but I think I overdid it, I won’t use as much next time.  I thought the meringue made the pie look fancier than without.  Plus, egg whites are healthier than whipped cream!


Happy New Year, everyone.  I had a hard time being cheerful today, dealing with day-to-day same-old-same-old problems.   It’s hard being optimistic about the New Year when I know it’ll be more of the same.  Baking the pie helped boost morale.


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