Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…and then some

In the kitchen at Di's House

Coincidentally Vegan (Maybe)

These are mostly what I used to make dinner with, some new produce and some I wanted to use up.  The Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice I got free with a coupon, that came with a free sample in the mail!  I’m not sure if it’s vegan.  While it doesn’t specifically say, it seems like it might be based on the ingredients.


The tomatoes I got at Sam’s Club.  I thought I’d put them in pasta as well as roast them with other veggies.


So here’s what we had.  The veggies I chopped up and cooked in the air fryer.  I added the tofu sausage and some Ikea veggie balls towards the end of cooking.  I was surprised at how tasty the rice was.  You just throw it in the microwave for 90 seconds.  The bread is homemade sourdough with some roasted red pepper hummus.  I don’t necessarily try to cook vegan, mostly vegetarian for myself, but I like it if turns out vegan by coincidence,


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Meatless Monday – Noodle Bowl with Tofu & Broccoli

I’ve been wondering about pressed tofu, if a press really makes that much of a difference to warrant the $20-30 price tag.  I did a homemade version with a steamer insert under the tofu, weighting it with heavy cans.  I then sliced it, marinated it in Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki, and cooked it in the air fryer at 350F for about 20 minutes.

To go along with it, I made Bang Bang Broccoli, named as such probably because of a chili mayonnaise sauce that goes along with it.  Broccoli florets are dipped in a milk, flour & cornstarch mixture, then dredged in panko.  I lightly sprayed with oil and cooked at 330F for 15 minutes in the air fryer, turning after 10 minutes.  I threw in some green onions to cook along with it as well.

Everything was served on Korean udon noodles.  I did like the tofu, pressing it gave it a different texture.  The broccoli was good too.  Coating it made the edges less charred than if not coated.  The one thing I didn’t like was all the dishes, pots and pans needed to cook everything.


P.S.  Re the tofu press, I think I’ll skip buying yet another gadget and just use what I have around the kitchen to get the job done.  Although, I might pick up two cheap plastic cutting boards at the dollar store and clamp them with clamps I have in the garage.

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Meatless Monday – Instant Pot Cabbage & Noodles

I saw this recipe on a Facebook Instant Pot group, for Instant Pot Cabbage & Noodles.  Pasta, vegetable broth and water go on the bottom of the pot.  Cabbage, sauerkraut, onion, garlic and veggie sausage go on top.  Everything is cooked for 5 minutes.  I did a natural pressure release for 10 minutes, just to make sure the pasta was done.


I liked the cabbage part.  Next time I’ll add more sauerkraut.  I didn’t like the sausage, Tofurky Italian sausage.  I see a lot of cabbage in my future.  Love it.

The other day I tried air fryer onion rings.  I dipped floured slices in lightly beaten aquafaba then panko & Parmesan.  They were OK but I probably won’t make them again.  Just one of those dishes that was too much work for the end result.


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Meatless Monday – Fries


I haven’t posted for awhile only because I’ve been busy with home life.  Things are finally starting to settle down a little.  Tonight we had gussied up fries, made in the air fryer.  I did half russet and half sweet potato, covered in a butternut squash sauce, cheddar cheese, with some green onion and tomato.  Comfort food.

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Meatless Monday -Trader Joe’s

imageI was super busy today, therefore I wanted a simple dinner.  Trader Joe’s cheese enchiladas doctored up with tomato and avocado.  The gelato container says it has 7 servings.  They’ve got to be kidding.

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A Plea for the Animals

I just finished reading “A Plea for the Animals” by Matthieu Ricard.  It took me awhile to get through it but I’m glad I stuck with it.  I especially enjoyed the parts about ethics, sociology, and morals.  I  have a scientific background and those subjects were not a big part of my curriculum (way back when).  I’ve been cooking more and more vegetarian.  When I can, I try to be vegan.  I still eat dairy, though, so technically I’m not vegan.  I just try when I can.  Anyway, here are two quotes I wanted to share from the book on this Meatless Monday.

a) To be a vegetarian or a vegan, it is only necessary to stop eating the animals themselves or the products made by exploiting them. Such a decision only takes a fraction of a second, and it is not difficult to find alternatives to animal products.

b) It takes no more time to be a vegetarian than to eat animal flesh. In fact…those who claim to care about the well-being of human beings and the preservation of our environment should become vegetarians for that reason alone.

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For Meatless Monday (and coincidentally New Year’s Day) I tried bbq pulled jackfruit.  I cooked it in a crockpot with sautéed onions and garlic, plus a quarter cup each of bow sauce and water.  Here it is before cooking.


After the jackfruit softened, I shredded it with two forks.  First I tried a potato masher but that didn’t work that well.


I had planned to make sandwiches except the buns I bought just the day before were moldy!


So I ended up making rice bowls with cabbage slaw.


Tonight we had leftovers with homemade buns.  The King Arthur Flour cookbook recipe called for a tablespoon of yeast.  The dough was flattened discs but with that much yeast they rose quite high!


I put the coleslaw on the side for the photo.  Anyway, I thought the jackfruit was ok.  The texture reminded me of pineapple with a lychee flavor.  I liked it better in the sandwich.  I don’t think it tasted like meat.  I didn’t hate it but don’t love it.  Not sure if I will make this recipe again.  I might try it as carnitas.

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Butternut Squash Mac Cheese

I had oven roasted spiralizer butternut squash and didn’t really like it so I cubed the rest and made macaroni and cheese with it.  I liked that better.  No real recipe.  I made a bechamel, added the mashed & roasted squash and onions, along with a bit of ricotta, cheddar and Parmesan.


For Meatless Monday we had a rice bowl with roasted veggies, tofu and Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki sauce.


And over the weekend I made a soup with some mystery peas (that someone had given us that I had in the freezer).  I added celery, onion, garlic, carrots, butternut squash and bacon.  I like my crackers crushed in my soup.  How about you?



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Street Tacos

I’ve been eyeing these tortillas for awhile but they are pricey at some stores.  Aldi had them for $1.69 so I finally broke down and bought them!  Percy says they are just the right size for him.

imageI made tacos with Upton’s chorizo Seitan and roasted sweet potatoes, onion and jalapeno.  The tortillas are super sturdy and didn’t break when folded!


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Meatless Monday – Detox

Thanksgiving was nice and leftovers made dinners easy, but tonight I’d had enough.  I had bought a giant tub of mixed greens at Sam’s Club that were on their last legs, so we finished them off tonight in a salad.


Hubby had turkey day leftovers.  I have to watch him while he eats so that he doesn’t choke.  Sometimes the frenzy makes me lose my appetite, which happened tonight.

i ended up having homemade sourdough baguette crostini with chèvre and olive oil.  I’m reading a Louise Penny book right now, and the characters dined on baguette with Brie, so that satisfied my craving.


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